How We Do It

CLS Southern Africa is actively involved in providing environmental and advisory solutions to various clients in coastal and offshore construction and development in order to assist with decision making related to proposed marine developments. Our experience in carrying out marine environmental authorization services spans the entire sub-Saharan African coastline, from Angola to Northern Mozambique.

Our most recent projects include Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for proposed desalination plants, construction and maintenance activities in ports and harbours and coastal discharges from various industries; Baseline Assessments (BA) for coal and gas exports offshore South Africa, Mozambique and Djibouti as well as project management, environmental monitoring and verification surveys along the coast.

Where necessary, assessments are backed by the results of modelling and sampling and are followed by the design of auditable management and monitoring programmes and systems which enable an organization to assure itself of/demonstrate conformance with environmental policy and ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations. CLS Southern Africa is actively involved in providing environmental and advisory solutions to various emphasises the need for adaptive management and ensures this sentiment is built into our mitigation strategies.

CLS Southern Africa’s approach is to locate, identify and delineate sensitive marine receptors within and adjacent to proposed project areas that may be directly removed or adversely affected by the proposed development and or indirectly affected by processes generated from these activities. If a baseline study is required CLS Southern Africa will collate available data through a targeted desktop study or design and implement a baseline survey that represents the temporal and spatial trends of an area in question.

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Lwandle provides the following environmental authorisation services:

Basic assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments

Full screening and scoping

Baseline studies

Risk assessments

Environmental monitoring

Verification surveys

Integrated assessments and evaluations

Project management