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CLS SA Southern Africa (CLS SA) is a subsidiary of Collecte Localisation Satellites, a French company that designs and deploys space solutions for understanding the planet and managing its resources sustainably. CLS SA provides a full suite of metocean and environmental services, globally, with key services including metocean measurements, water and sediment quality assessments, marine ecology surveys, environmental monitoring and provision of specialist studies in these disciplines and environmental impact studies (EIAs), policy and compliance studies. CLS SA can apply these services within CLS’ five strategic markets: sustainable fisheries management, environmental monitoring, maritime surveillance, fleet management, and energy and infrastructure, with experts in fields of physical oceanography, marine ecology and biology, marine resources and biogeochemistry.

CLS SA also coordinates the rental, sale and maintenance of oceanographic equipment. CLS SA’s well trained technical personnel stand poised to assist clients with all aspects of these types of equipment and their various applications.

About Lwandle marine Environment Services

Our Team

Our staff are key to our success with all project managers qualified to at least MSc level. All staff are appropriately trained and experienced in managing the risks associated with working in challenging marine environments.

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