How We Do It

CLS Southern Africa has experience in completing and submitting Coastal Water Discharge Permit (CWDP) and General Authorisation (GA) applications in accordance with the requirements of the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act (NEM:ICMA, Act 24 of 2008) which regulates the discharge of any waste water into the South African coastal waters.

For existing effluent discharges CLS Southern Africa can conduct plume dispersion dye tracer studies to identify surface behaviour and trace possible contaminants tracks associated with the discharge.

CLS Southern Africa can provide the marine specialist studies for the receiving environment quality monitoring components as stipulated by the Department of Environmental Affairs once a CWDP has already been awarded. These include:

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Assessment of potential impacts resulting from the effluent discharges

Validation of numerical modelling results and mixing zone estimation

Compliance with environmental water quality limits at the edge of the mixing zone (South African Water Quality Guidelines for Coastal Marine Waters (Volume 1): Natural Environment 1995).

Benthic faunal assessment to monitor changes in composition in the vicinity of the marine outfall

Environmental quality baseline and monitoring plan of the receiving environment